Saturday, June 12, 2010

This video says it all....still PROCESSing

CraftyPod Video Blog #4: 7 craft supplies I am no longer allowed to buy from Diane Gilleland on Vimeo.

These are a few things that I simply am NOT allowed to buy anymore:

  1. Holiday fabric.  I don't celebrate Christmas, but for some reason can't resist Santas and Snowmen, and I keep gathering more, I guess because I think "This is the year I might DO Christmas", not likely.
  2. Wooden spools of thread.  Yes, they are dangerously adorable, but are a bitch to store, and serve no purpose.  The same goes for souvenier thimbles, and cute china and glass pieces to store pens and stuff in.  I have ENOUGH!
  3. Patterns for totebags.  I have a billion of them.  And I rarely even carry a purse! Usually I just stick my driver's license and my debit card in a pocket, and I'm good to go.
I went yard sale-ing this morning.  I was REALLY well behaved, and only "felt up" stuff that I would have bought last week. The ONLY thing I bought that came into my studio was some cheap newsprint scrapbooks - - good paper piecing paper there! - - and I DO use that.  It won't stick around longer that six months.


  1. Yardsaling and thrifting is in your blood... how long will this last?!?

    Fondling the fabric won't satisfy your need for long.

  2. This is just too funny! I recently cleared out two cupboards in the sewing room of 'stuff' and found a stack of acrylic felt rectangles (9"x12") that was knee high? How was I intending to use this? No clue.

  3. LOL - I have tried rearranging and moving things from one area to another...but the reality is that unless some of it leaves the house, the "stash" isn't going to get any smaller!

  4. LOVED the video!! Boy, can I relate!! heee hee