Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 -- howzat fir a title?

I picked up this cabinet at a thrift store a couple of weeks ago, with a mind to repurpose it for fabric storage.  Since yesterday was bright and not too hot, I thought it was an ideal day to begin.

First, a tip.  I picked up this baking rack at a church rummage sale for a dime, and it's perfect for spray painting little parts.  I used black enamel paint to refinish the door hardware.

Okay, it's all stripped down, sanded and ready to paint!  Don't get too excited about me ruining that gorgeous vintage sheet - - it is so thin, it's not worth repurposing (except as a drop cloth).

What?  no AFTER photo?
Maybe later today.  The painting part is done, but I still have to add legs and reassemble the cabinet.  Today is a drippy, raining, cool day -- perfect for working on projects in the basement!

But here are my GFG's for the week!  I have 12 more done; not sure of my total.  I found some more vintage fabrics that my mother-in-law had given me a couple of years ago.  I had forgotten all about them!  Since finding THIS TUTORIAL, I find English Paper Piecing these little hexagon flowers so relaxing.  It's hard to put them down some nights!  I watched "Ghandi" on TV last night, and sewed merrily all the while.

Notice my old Featherweight in the background?  Yes, Lucy is sick.  I broke a needle the other day, and it fell into her guts, and I can't get it out, so she has to go to the sewing machine doctor to get a needle-ectomy.  Wanna hear a confession?  I bought my featherweight two years ago, and when I dragged it out on Sunday, it still had the piece of 'test fabric' that I sewed on before I made the purchase to ensure it worked.  I have NEVER used it, until Sunday that is...when I made the cushion for my ungrateful cat's day bed.

The Great Bathroom Demo/Reno 2010 (read:Hell on Earth) continues.  This five day project has turned into three full weeks now.  The stress is crippling me. When my brother-in-law arrived this morning, I BEGGED him to please finish it, that the therapy I was going to need to recover was not budgetted for.


  1. You are such a tease - can't wait to see the finished product. Apparently, you are much faster at your makeover projects than your husband is :)

    Great job on the GFGs! I think I remember when you got Lucy - weren't we all on MQB at the time? I can't believe you've never used her - shame on you!

    Your bed for Gibby motivated me to make one for my dog yesterday. I must post about it.

  2. wow...twelve flowers - great job!
    I love your new old cabinet.

  3. Lovely flowers,i do it also on this way.

  4. Beautiful flowers and so many! Can't wait to see what you did with (or to) the cabinet.

  5. I like some of your fussy cut flowers a lot! They all look nice and summery...

  6. Love the flower patch! Oh so sweet! You are coming along so wonderfully:)

  7. I like what your doing with the cabinet. Hope to see an after photo soon.
    And I like your flowers!

  8. Wonderful flowers: great fabrics and so many! Get well soon for your Lucy!

  9. Love the new fabric cabinet and look at you with twelve beautiful flowers finished this week. They are lovely! I love your Featherweight and hope it is better soon.

  10. Love those bright green centers - they look wonderful! Thanks for the tip about the baking rack for painting little parts - I had never thought of that but will use it in the future :o)

  11. Beautiful flowers - I like the green centres. Hope your machine is soon fixed and your bathroom is finished asap, I hate it when jobs drag on like that. Great cabinet for fabric!