Saturday, June 19, 2010

How's Your Weekend Going?

 BIG NEWS!!!  Are you sitting down?  I ... had ... a ... shower !!!!!  For the first time in 4 1/2 weeks!!!!  EEEK!!!  Yes, I have a shower again!  The Bathroom Demo/Reno From Hell 2010 continues to inch along...not much left.  Rumour has it, that it will be complete by Monday night.  I won't hold my breath, but it's nice to dream about.

I went yard sale-ing this morning.  I'm still being very good.  I only bought one shirt to deconstruct, and that's because it was brand new from Gap (I really appreciate the body of this fabric) for 50 cents. What else did I get?  Hmmmm...oh, I bought a hammer and a electric detail sander (which I have already used!) for $5 and a cute mug that says "Real Men Love Cats" on it for a quarter.  No books, no fabric, no sewing stuff.  I was a good girl. I'm sticking to this Fabric Diet.

In keeping with the Fabric Diet, I continue to trim away at the stash, cutting another kit out, and slicing the leftovers into 1.5" strips for the Log Cabin blocks I've been working on this week.

This afternoon, I took my lawnchair out onto the back lawn under a tree, and read.  This is the crap I'm reading now:

I was a HUGE Amanda Quick fan in the early 90's, but then I had to take a serious break from her.  Every book seemed to be the exact same story, and even this one seems oddly familiar (although it takes place in late Victorian England, as a change from Regency England), but it's like a box of fudge.  You can't help but to keep nibbling at it, until it makes you sick! 

I'm on the look out for "Nomad" though - - I recently heard an interview on CBC radio with Ayaan Hirsi Ali who was recently in Toronto (here's an article) promoting her new book.  I read "Infidel" last year, and it was so damn good.  It was a fascinating interview, because the interviewer Jian Gomeshi is Muslim (though not African, and definitely not a fundamentalist -- he describes himself as Persian), and it got a little uncomfortable - - though nothing like the interview he did with Billy Bob Thornton.  If you haven't read Infidel, you should go check it out of the library now.  (Nothing like a biography full of violence, politics, religion, feminism, and extremism to help you relax!)

Back to sewing for a sec...have I mentioned how much I am enjoying sewing on my Featherweight?  I love the sound she makes. 

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  1. Hey congrats on the new shower! What are you sewing on your featherweight?