Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday - ugh...I hate titles!

Here's what I'm reading now.  I've read Wally Lamb before - and enjoyed "She's Come Undone", but I'm not getting into this one.  I'll give it one more day, and if I can't settle into it, out it goes.

I've GOT to get a paper written today.  It's due tomorrow.  Ugh... what was I thinking ... summer school? Geezzzzzzzzzzz...

I've decided to call 'my plan' to strip my world of superfluous stuff the "Simple Abundance Project".  Today, I have a bag of books that is going to a friend who enjoys quirky reads.  Last night, I filled two big bags with personal care products and took them over to the local women's shelter.

I spent some time sewing my Log Cabin blocks last night.  I'm on the final round of logs, on 80 blocks.  These could be done soon!

And before I went to sleep last night, I played around with graph paper and pencil crayons, trying to draft out a design to make a quilt out of 15 FQs to donate to Itty Bitty's school as a fundraiser for a band trip to Florida next year. 


  1. I just had a thought about your simple abundance theme...just how many quilts do you think you need? When you come to the magic number; pack the rest in a bag and send them my way. You have been doing some awesome looking quilts in the last year and I was afraid you might think you didn't need them anymore and I wanted to be the first to take them off your hands when you decide you have enough. Just trying to help out you understand. All kidding aside, I think what you are doing is what I need to do...just how much stuff do we really need anyway? I mean how many vases and candy dishes and flower pots can one person use? Have you ever heard George Carlin do his routine on "stuff". It is on youtube...here is the link
    (I hope)
    good for a chuckle, and also to provoke some serious thought.

  2. Oh poopie, Nancy-Rose, I ordered that book by Wally Lamb and was keeping it for a vacation. You have reinforced what I was fearing after I read some of the reviews...I wasn't going to like it. But I decided to go for it because I like everything else he has written...bummer. I'll still give it a try...but I will take along my Kindle full of alternatives!!! Isn't it a pain when a favorite author writes a dud? I love Haven Kimmel's works...but the last one I bought was just not firing on all cylinders. I was soooooo disappointed!!
    Have fun doing your paper!!

  3. Great name and life plan...Simple Abundance Project! We all are guilty of "too much" and removing all the clutter and extra would be so soothing! Good luck with your clear out and better luck with the next book! The log cabin blocks are charming and know you'll adore the quilt when it comes together!

  4. I too have read Lamb's other stuff and loved it...this one I gave up about 2/3rd through...it just dragged for me. I rarely give up on a book...so I'm just saying!

  5. I thought I would not like the book either, but after finally getting involved, it is truly one of my favorites....but it does have its peaks and valleys....stick it out, you will like it!

  6. Life is too short to suffer through a book. Besides, there are so many good ones out there! I did enjoy she's come undone, though. Love hearing about your Simple Abundance Project. There are some things I'm not sure I could part with, though, namely books and fabric...