Friday, June 11, 2010

The IMPOSSIBLE has happened...

I officially have TOO MUCH STUFF and no where to put it. I have too many books - - too much fabric - - too much everything!  When I found yet another bankers box (which I was hoping was empty) and discovered it was full of fabric, I nearly had a cow.

I've got to thin this out, and go on a fabric diet.  I'm going to need to share this process -- THE PROCESS -- so expect lots of updates begging for support, reassurance, and advice. 

All of a sudden....I am craving cake.


  1. you are not alone.....cake makes it all better!!!! good luck....I only know how to drag home.....

  2. Chocolate cake? Maybe 3-4 layers? With thick frosting??? I'll be stuff overfloweth too! :-)

  3. I was thinking the same thing earlier this week, so I took some furniture from my sewing room to Goodwill. Now, there is much more room for my quilting frames, quilt books and FABRIC!