Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Here's an "ALMOST AFTER" photo

Don't get too excited...the shelves aren't in it yet.  They need to be re-cut.  A case of measure twice, cut half-assed.  I'm not ready for solo skill saw usage - so I'll wait until a man comes home.



I used wallpaper to cover the back, and bought new ceramic nobs, and added some decorative legs.  I hope to be able to soon post another photo with the shelves in place, and stacks of neatly folded fabric inside.

"Not bad...not bad."

While I was out thrifting today, I picked up a book with instructions on how to paint used furniture.  I sure hope I pick up some tips on how to make the process easier!


  1. Looks great! Thanks for the idea. I have a bookshelf with glass doors that was my grandmothers and have been wanting to do something to it.

  2. Awwwww.... I never find deals like that.

    It looks AWESOME!!!!

  3. Good eye! You turned a diamond in the rough into something really nice. The legs were a great choice - it was definitely calling for them. Super job!

  4. Gibson might want to sleep in that cabinet--maybe you could keep fabric in his cat bed...

  5. Wow!! Isn't it wonderful when your "vision" comes to life and turns out so great!! Well incredible piece of furniture to house your treasures!!

  6. Very, very nice, Nancy. It would fit into my sewing room quite well--want to come over for coffe, and bring it with? :)