Thursday, June 3, 2010


My new car (six months old!!!) won't start.  I had it towed to the dealership yesterday, but unfortunately, there isn't a rental car to be had ANYWHERE in SW Ontario.  Presumably, this has something to do with the upcoming G-20 Summit.  No wonder security for the summit is approaching a billion dollars, if the RCMP is commandeering every rental car in the vicinity four weeks in advance! 

Ugh...hopefully whatever is wrong with my car will be sorted out tout suite.

Six more GFG's done so far this week. If there is such a thing as a "thumble" I need it.  The top of my left thumb has been poked a zillion times from all the whip stitching, which has brought production down.

The St. Anne's Community Festival started yesterday, and I was there when it opened at 4pm with the other crazy people to swarm the white elephant tent.  WOW!  It was a mad house.  I was hoping I'd score a bunch of cutter shirts cheap, but it was impossible to get a good look. 

I did find this though:
I was thinking I would paint it, and use it for something.  But I took another look at it this morning, and scrubbed it up with some Murphy's Oil Soap (omg...don't you just loooooooove the smell of that stuff???) and I think it looks pretty snazzy!  According the the label on the bottom of it, it's a cutlery tray, but it's going to serve to hold strips and pieces as I cut them.

What I'm reading:

I can't help it.  I am addicted to crap. My ex-husband once told me that I had a mind like a steel trap, and reading historical romance novels was turning it into a lint trap. I may give up on this one though...I'm a good third into it, and I still don't know what the hell is going on.   

Dealership just called: they will be replacing the "Total Integrated Power Module" - - ehhhhhhhhxcellent, another new car that comes with electrical problems.  The part is ordered.


  1. Nancy , your flowers are lovely and six in a week is REALLY good , wish I was that productive .The tray you picked up is ideal for storing your strips and even your basted hexies .Oh and that book , I never heard of it but Gone with the wind was my favorite all time movie so I will certainly have to check this out ;-)

  2. Your flowers are awesome! i love the lime makes them sing.


  3. Bummer about your car. BEAUTIFUL hexagon flowers and I do believe there is such a thing as a thumble. Get looking! Great tray and I LOVE to sniff Murphy's Oil Soap on a regular basis. LOL! It's good smelling stuff!!

  4. Hi -- there *is* a 'thumble'. It's made by may be able to find one near you. I have one and don't use it. I would be happy to send it off to you.

  5. Good thing the car is getting fixed, it'd be a long haul to have hubby pigging back you back and forth to school...LOL

    Was it doing the flashy flashy thing prior to breaking down?

  6. I tried this book too......
    its just awful its not you.
    Where is Clark Gable in this story????

    Darn men can't live without em!!

    Happy Sewing

  7. Well, personally I have always considered Gone With the Wind the perfect beach book! Nice fluffy summer reading! lol Give your mind a rest and enjoy!

  8. Lovely flowers...hope you car comes back to life. Love that could put your prepared hexis in there :)

  9. I need to get back to my GFG flowers - they have been languishing for well over a year now. Great cutlery box - I see those often, but never think of how handy they might be in the sewing room. And regarding your choice of reading - whatever! When you spend so much time reading about death and dying or troubled teens, you need some lighthearted reads, too. Me, I don't have the excuse of lightening out my other reading - I just like to read quick, fun, colorful stuff!