Friday, June 18, 2010

You always think of the perfect thing to say....

I giggle myself stupid last night thinking of the perfect Parthian shot to deliver to my unwilling hosts the other night....."Call me!  I'll bring hummus!"

It's going to be harder to get across the street to visit my Hearty Partiers though. I'll have to wear rubber boots instead of my slippers. Here's a few scenes from my front porch:

This has been going on for a couple of weeks, and the will continue on for a few months - - I had an young Asian boy knocking at my door a couple of times yesterday with a bottle of dye: "Pour a capful of this down your toilet and flush twice", while groups of men with orange safety vests stood around a deep hole at the end of my sidewalk. 

To say I was getting a little grumpy about the noise, dirt, constant interruptions, etc, would be an understatement.  So Hubby took me for a ride down to Port Stanley to have lunch at Mackies on the beach.

Then we stopped at this shoestore that's down there which generally carries a very large selection of Crocs. Yes, I'll declare it loud and proud, I'm a crocophile, as is Hubby!  It was easy to get him a new pair of "Beach" style in a manly navy blue, but apparently they are no longer making my favourite Athens!  I had to settle for Cleo.  Which is okay...cuz they are brown and PINK! and don't make the "flip-flop" noise when I walk.

Then I was invited to the home of quilty friend Jacqui for QNIC (Quilting Night in Canada).  I grabbed up my Featherweight (which still hasn't been odd!) and a shoebox full of 1.5" strips and worked on some log cabin blocks inspired by a photo in the Spring 2010 issue of McCall's America Quilts Hometown Favorites.

When I got home around 10ish, there was a program on Treasure HD called "Artland" which featured a visit to the International Quilt Study Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, and a visit with quilter Diane Thomas.  I searched online for Diane, because I would have liked to get another look at her quilts, but no such luck.  I believe she belongs to the Omaha Quilter's Guild, so I checked that website, also with no luck.  Maybe someone reading this knows her work?   The Omaha Quilter's Guild is having their 2010 quilt show this weekend (starts today!)...uh...something tells me that I'm not going to make it to Nebraska.  Anyway, it was an interesting program, and I'm glad I caught it.


  1. Love the look of your log cabin blocks, looks like a winner! Whew, road/utility work...what a mess! Ever dream of owning an ATV? I'm sure you'd make a grand entrance at the next party...bearing a large tub of hummus!

  2. Here is a gallery of some of her work I believe:

    She belongs to the Nebraska Quilt Guild and to the Cottonwood quilters Her name is spelled Dianne so that may help you find out more about her.

  3. I'm a Croc-fiend too! I have a pair of black Cleos and I love them. I have to clean them because I splashed deck stain on them.Ugh. But I have 2 other pairs..... :)
    Like your log cabin blocks!

  4. I wanna go to Mackies!! And I'm a croc girl too!