Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm just a Wild Party Mamma!!!

There are a couple of young gentlemen who live in the house exactly opposite to us.  Apparently, according to our next door neighbour, they often have loud parties.  I don't notice...I go to bed with the chickens, take a sleeping pill, put in my ear plugs, and turn on the window air conditioner.  I hear nothing.

Until last night.

It was a beautiful cool night, with a nice fresh breeze blowing, so I had the windows open, and was sitting up in bed, watching a documentary, sewing hexagon flowers.

...and it just got louder and louder...and the yelling started.  And I thought...ya know?  If they turned down the music a bit, they wouldn't have to yell so loud...

So, I put on my housecoat and slippers, and scuffed across the street, and rang the door bell.

The music turned off; voices became silent.

I waited for awhile, but no one answered the door.

So, I stepped onto the lawn and called up to the window.

ME:  Hey!  No one is answering the door!
HE: Sorry, was the music too loud?
ME:  No, no, it was great!
HE: Okay, we'll quiet it down.
ME: No, no, I came to PARTY with you guys!  I live across the street, and we have a rule around here....if the neighbourhood can hear it, the neighbourhood is INVITED!
HE:  Oh, okay, well half the people are gone now, and we're just shuttin' her down, so I'll be sure to invite you next time.
ME:  AWESOME!!!  See that window directly across from you?  That's my bedroom window, so no need for a special invite, I hear EVERYTHING that goes on over here. I was so excited, look!  I came over in my nightgown and housecoat!
HE: hehe (nervous laughter)

So I went back home, got back into bed, and Hubby says: "That shut them up, didn't it?"


  1. **wiping away the tears, laffffffffffffin**

    Oh...the image !!!!!! Gotta love ya Nancy!

  2. That is the greatest complaint I have ever heard.
    Still laughing.

  3. You made my day! I'll be chuckling all day! Just wish we could have seen their do you I imagine!!!

  4. Chartreuse called me because she wanted to listen to me read this post. Okay, but is it funny, because I have to go potty. "Put the phone down NOW and GO POTTY! I'll wait!" Boy, I'm glad she did, cuz I definitely would have pee'd the couch, I was laughing so hard! The clincher was the husband's line! Still laughing!!!

    Thanks for sharing... this oughta keep me chuckling for a week!

    ~ Ronda

  5. That was great - I'm still laughing

  6. Have had to put you on my sidebar so that I can have a laugh again. You are one feisty woman. Wish I could have seen that.

  7. You should publish a book Nancy! Too funny. Shows you get a lot further with a little humour than getting mad eh? I'd love to be a fly on the wall when those guys are planning out their next party ROFLOL!!!

    Your log cabin blocks are looking great!

  8. Love the imagery! I am grinning from ear to ear reading this!